Supposedly ED -want to know whether serious

Patient: Hi, since a month I have been experiencing ed or should i state ed symptoms. I am almost 48 years old(male), and prior to a month, I was hyper active down there. Even if an actual romp up was not possible, I would jack it off regularly, as if it was a very common activity. I could get a hard on just watching or hearing about something related to the opposite gender, and the heights that I could go to, just fantasizing was limitless. It was a very active lower member, and although it did not actually become my number one activity, I was just happy and sometime, a little worried and upset, because of this hyperactivity. As if on a cue, a month ago, I just lost all sensation, so to say, and now, even though, I do get interested when I see skin or hear something interesting relating to the opposite gender, the lower member just does not react with a hard on. It has been almost 4 weeks, and I could only consummate twice, with much coaxing (and excuses that I am tired, etc, which otherwise is a lie) surprising my better half. Anyhow, even the fantasies which i was so proud of, do not stimulate any reaction, and I am just confused as to how things have changed in a matter of weeks. Initially, I thought, that it was a casual and one-off thing, but 4 weeks is concerning me. As to my mental and diet habits. Regarding my psychological state, nothing has changed, I still have the same stress or issues, which I have had before, and some new ones are not really those can induce ed, as I do perceive them as not being high level, but somewhere in the back of my mind, I do realise that these could lead to high level stress situation. But to think these could be reason, would be preposterous, as I have found myself in these kind of situations before, and but it has never, really affected me in relation to my actions/reactions down below. Regarding diet, since the last 3 weeks, I have been consuming a very low carb, and low protein diet. I am 5ft and 7inches in height and weigh almost 72 to 74 kgs. And I was determined to lose a couple of kgs down to 67 to 68, and embarked on such a diet. To repeat again, I have done these kind of diet related things before, and these have never affected my lower performance. But in the last 2 weeks I have subsisted on only milk and cereals and granola bars. On other aspects, I do not take any kind of medications (regular that is). But almost 4 weeks ago, as I was developing a flu symtom, I have taken 3 to 4 sachets of ant-flu in hot water and one tylenol. That is as far as medications are concerned, and currently over the last 2 weeks, zero medications of any kind.I would appreciate your opinion on the state of my condition, the reasoning and analysis if any, and what could be the way forward, to realise my past state.

Symptoms: None