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Supra Genix Cb one weight gainer

Dear Ask The Doctor:
Is CB-1 a safe appetite booster (weight gainer), does it cause any health problems? Can this product cause cancer, liver damage and other serious health crisis?
Ingredients: Enchinacea Purpure
a root (2) Dodeca-2E, 4E 8Z, 10E 2 Tetraenoic isobutylamides (3) Dodeca-2E, 4Z-diene, 8,10-diynoic isobutylamides (4)Trideca-2E, 7Z diene, 10,21-diynoic isobutylamides (5) Dodeca-2E, 4E dienoic isobutylamides

Other ingredients: Gelatin (capsules) stearic acid


Thank you for your question. This supplement marketed to assist in gaining weight by increasing appetite has a blend of herbal supplements whose combination has not been tested by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for its safety and efficacy at assisting in increasing appetite. For this reason we cannot advise you with certainty that this medication is safe for consumption. It can possible have adverse side effects and may not even work to increasing your appetite. Please be guided accordingly.

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