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Suprapatellar Fat Pad impingement: a Cause of Knee pain

Dear Ask The Doctor:
I have knee pain. MRI report shows suprapatelar fat pad impingement and clinical corrolation sugested. what are the clinical corrolations?


 Anterior knee pain has a number of underlying causes, including: Quadriceps and Patellar tendon  tear and degeneration;  Chondromalacia patella (a.k.a: patella femoral syndrome), and abnormalities of the infrapatellar  or suprapatellar fat pad have also been described  . Each of these abnormalities can be assessed and diagnosed on MR images.  They mean by “clinical correlations”  if that particular imaging finding is related or “correlated “with symptoms as pain, swelling, limitation or other knee abnormalities and findings in the patient's history and at physical examination. Treatment is usually conservative, is not difficult, although it can take a long time to fully recover. The superior pole of the patella may be taped or bandaged, so that the inferior patella imposes less mass effect on the underlying intra-articular fat. Modifying activities that increase pain is important. Stretching the quadriceps and hip flexor muscles may help to lessen some of the downward pressure the patella applies to the fat pad. Anti-inflammatory medication may be used to control pain and swelling. Injections of corticosteroids to reduce inflammation or surgery to trim the fat pad sometimes are required

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