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Surgical Abortions May Affect Future Fertility

Dear Ask The Doctor:
Do multiple abortions affect fertility? ; i had 3 abortions in all, one when i was 16 years old the other two when i was 17 and 19. none of the procedures resulted in any complications.


Surgical abortions may affect future fertility. Surgical abortions are those in which a dilatation and curettage(D and C) was done. This procedure can affect fertility in that it may cause scarring within the uterus which affects implantation of the fetus. The greater the number of surgical abortions, the more likely the greater the scarring. However, each person heals differently and thus there is no certainty that you have developed this scarring.
When you are ready to have children you should try to conceive. If you are unsuccessful then you should see a fertility specialist who will do the appropriate tests to determine the cause of you infertility.

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