Surgical removal of one ovary and pregnancy

Patient: I went to the gynae for a check up and a 50mm all round cyst on my left ovary so they operated and removed it but not even a month after the op I started getting pains and so went for another check up and doctor said the cyst is growing back Too soon to operate again so he gave me hormone tablets for a week and anti inflamitries and now I still get pains he said if it doesnt clear he will have to remove my left ovary but I am only 24yrs old My next appointment is 20may 2011 But now I am scared it hasnt cleared and he is going to remove my left ovary so now I have been trying to fall pregnant because I dont want to struggle to have children I hear plenty of women taking things for cyst but my gynae has not once mentioned it What must I do or can do

Doctor: The treatment of the ovarian cysts is usually based on the age, desire to pregnancy, future fertility options etc. If yo ur previous cyst was surgically removed, it may have been sent for pathology test and diagnosis of the underlying cause. You may discuss the available treatment options (based on the previous pathology and diagnosis of the cyst), with your doctor, and choose the best option to retain your maximum chances of pregnancy. However, in general, your potential to become pregnant with single ovary does not reduce compared to women with both ovaries, because although both ovaries contain infinite number of eggs, only one ovary is sufficient to release eggs every month.