Suspected STD

Patient: Slightly worried that I have an STD, but at the same time not. About a month or two after sleeping with a new partner, I developed a cluster of tough red bumps, clustered close together, at the base of my penis. After a few more months, they haven’t gone away, but haven’t spread or anything. The ones closer to the pubic area than on the shaft have turned a dark, mole like color while the ones on the penis have remained red. I’ve attempted not shaving for a month to see if that would resolve the issue, but it has not.They don’t itch or hurt, and asides from appearance, haven’t caused any noticeable effects. They’re “tough” skin, like calluses, and don’t hurt to scratch. It’s really kinda like red, fleshy scales. They don’t really look like any pictures of genital warts that I’ve found.I’ve been with 2 women and used protection with both of them, so I’m hoping luck just wasn’t against me.