Patient: Dear doctor hello …my name is Amin Omer, Libyan, I am 38 years old, sex: Male, Marital Status: Divorced,since about a week I’ve noticed change in the outside form of the penis during erection and after,especially in the presence of the swelling in the left side of the penis just below theglans, that time there were a few scratches now healed, and when I touch that area with my fingers noted protruded veins, Even inthe absence of erection I’ve noticed a hardening of one of the veins without pain in both cases,Note that: one weak ago I had a relationship with a prostitute without direct sexual contact because she is not clean enough,but beyond all, I’m not sure does it a sexual infection? I think that the cause is excessive pressureon the penis during erection and therefore the veins and arteries harmed, my sexual instinct is overWhen my pines erect I do not notice pain of pressure and friction or rather do not care for pressure and pain on the penis,but I am trying to find a solution for the power of this instinct, knowing that my sexual relationships is very limited,almost times I rely on masturbation.I’m waiting Ur precious consult a.s.a.p and does it a temporary case or needs for long-term care, I’ll be so grateful.my best regardsAmin