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Swelling inside vagina.

Patient: There seems to be a lot of swelling of tissue (?) or something inside my vagina. I have urinary frequency and no longer am sexually active due to the fact it causes so much pain. I’ve attempted my own online research and am wondering if this could possibly be a prolapsed bladder or something along those lines?



Symptoms: Urinary frequency and urgency, painful intercourse and a couple of UTI’s in the last year.



Swelling inside vagina.-1

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.On interpreting the symptoms you have furnished and reviewing the image you have sent, it looks like a cystocele that is a bladder wall prolapse which can cause increased frequency of urination and frequent urinary tract infection. A vault prolapse after hysterectomy needs to be ruled out. The area also looks severely inflammed as it appears red in color and hence you have a painful intercourse due to inflammation. It is recommended that you consult a gynecologist at the earliest for an examination. A surgical intervention may be needed like cystocele and vault repair. Your urine sample needs to be investigated for an infection and treated accordingly with antibiotics. Drink plenty of water and maintain sanitary hygeine. Avoid intercourse until you see a doctor. Thos can surely be treated.Do not worryHope this helped.Regards

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Patient: Thank you so much for your advice. I will call my gynecologist Monday morning for an appointment and try not to worry in the meantime. I will follow all recommendations. Again, thank you.

Doctor: You are most welcome.


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