Swelling of legs during pregnancy

Patient: Am 28weeks pregnant and mylegs are swelling.what is the cause

Doctor: The swelling of the legs you are experiencing is caused due to edema. This is most often an issue during the third trime ster. It is particularly worse at the end of the day. It is normal of have a certain amount of swelling during pregnancy due to increased water retention. Changes in the chemistry of the blood, addition pressure of the growing uterus on the pelvic veins and the vena cava can lead to accumulate of fluid in the lower limbs. You can relieve this swelling by lying on your side, putting your feet up whenever possible, stretching legs frequently, taking regular breaks from sitting or standing, wearing comfortable shoes, healthy eating, drinking plenty of water and regular exercise like walking.Certain amount of edema on the legs and hand are normal in pregnancy, however if you notice swelling of the face or eyes or sudden increase in the swelling of the feet and ankles or any tenderness due to the swelling, consult your doctor to rule out preeclampsia, a more serious cause of swelling during pregnancy.