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Swelling of ring finger

Patient: Hi, my ring finger keeps swelling and the skin seems t peel and get irritated. the fingers around it don’t seem to be affected at seems to be fine for a week or so then swells again and I have to remove the ring again.I do suffer from allergies related to gluten dairy cockroaches and have to be care with different metals in my ears as they get swell with anything cheap only surgical steel etc is ok. my engagement ring is 24ct gold and my wedding ring is tungsten carbide. ( problems since wearing wedding ring). after I remove both rings for 3 – 4 days the skin seems to heal and the swelling goes down. is this possibly another allergy or possible pinching between rings or any other ideas?



Symptoms: swelling of ring finger since wedding ring added.
no issues with engagement ring.
peeling of skin under wedding ring.
pain- feeling as if finger has been rubbed with sandpaper all day and clamped with a vice clamp.



Doctor: The condition that you are suffering from is typically called Contact Dermatitis. It occurs at a specific area of the bo dy that comes in contact with the offending agent. In your case, it could be due to one of the metals in your rings (Gold or Tungsten). Tungsten is generally not known to cause allergic reactions, unless alloyed with nickel. Hence, you need to avoid wearing your rings for now and see an Allergist for a complete allergy profile test. This would give you important information about your sensitivity pattern and offending agents that need to be avoided.

Comments / Follow Ups

Patient: Thankyou very much for your help. I have removed the ring and the swelling has gone down now. my husband has bought me another ring and I haven’t had any issues with swelling since. thankyou again.


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