Swelling in upper part of vagina with no burning or itching

Patient: I have swelling in the upper part of my vagina. I have no burning or itching and no desire for frequent urination. However it’s almost as if the wall is coming out of my vagina. It’s also very painful to sit. I noticed this swelling after my last period and tampon removal.

Swelling of vagina. The upp...-1

Doctor: This is typical vaginitis with vaginal mucousal edema, often seen after prolonged use of tampon or forgotten tampon or if tampon has been removed after more then 24 hrs. The local mucousa has inflamed and shows edema and hence the wall seems to be prolapsing outside. You should get a vaginal swab culture done soon to identify the causative organism possibly bacterial. This would need a course of antibiotics for 7 days. Please meet your gynecologist for a local examination.