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Swelling Painfull Drinks

Patient: My wife’s legs are both swollen, and painful. They are both showing equal swelling. She has not been diagnosed with diabetes. The legs from the knees down have almost doubled in size over the last 2 hours. This has happened before, but this is the worst it has ever gotten. The pain is like needles when she tries to walk, there is shooting pain from the ankles to the knees while seated with her legs elevated. No temp and her bp is 106/72 with a pulse of 52. She is 34 years old, has had a complete hysterectomy with the ovaries removed also. She has also been diagnosed with a mild form of gout, and fibromyalgia.


Symptoms: Swollen legs. painfull.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. The description of your wife’s symptoms and the acute onset of them could be related to an acute gout attack or complications associated with fibromyalgia. Usually acute gout attacks can lead to localized swelling and pain in the area of the great toe, however this inflammation can become diffuse leading to swelling of the lower limb. Another possible cause of the bilateral leg swelling could be due to a condition called edema. This where the body retains fluid within the interstitial spaces of the tissues, particularly the lower limb, resulting in swelling and paresthetic (numbness and tingling) pain. We strongly recommend that you encourage your wife to seek medical evaluation immediately as this needs to be physically examined by a doctor to determine what is the exact cause of this swelling. She may need to undergo an ultrasound of the lower limbs to rule out any deep venous thrombosis which could be obstructing circulation to the legs leading to this swelling. Please be guided accordingly.Thank you for consulting


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