Switching brands of contraceptive pill midcycle

Patient: Hi, I began my Marvelon pill pack as per usual last Monday but I was at the doctor during the week and she switched me to a lighter one, Yasminelle and told me to start that one the following morning (Friday) She didn’t imply that there would be any need for extra protection or contraceptives while my body gets used to this new pill – can you confirm this please? I took a pill everyy day, but I’m jusst wonderign should we also have been using a condom today having sex. Please help ASAP!!!

Doctor: It would still be safe to use back-up contraception to prevent pregnancy. The estrogen content of Marvelon is 0.03mg whi le Yasminelle contains 0.02mg. In short, there is only a 0.01mg difference which is insignificant. Chances of getting pregnant are really slim however, your body might still be adjusting so it is always better to use back-up contraception for at least 3 days upon starting. Also remember to take the pill on the same time everyday to have maximum efficacy. I do hope this helps and take care always.