Swollen glands while pregnant

Patient: I am 5 months pregnant I woke up two days ago with the glands on one side of my face swollen – one in front of my ear, one behind my ear and one by my jawline. I also woke up the same day with some blister type sores on my eyelid, eyebrown and forehaead. Is this somehting that will affect my baby? I have not been sick or anything they just appeared all the same time.

Doctor: I do understand your concern that your swollen glands may affect your baby. It is most probable that the swelling is cau sed by a viral cold/flu. Usually no treatment is required other than increased fluid intake, rest and application of warm compresses to help alleviate the pain and congestion.However, if you have a temperature of the swelling does not subside, I would advise that you consult your doctor. Since you are 5 months pregnant, there is less risk of the infection harming the baby.