Swollen hands and hives, but only in New Zealand.

Patient: So I am a almost 25 year old female. No known allergies.I went to New Zealand with my family in February for two weeks. On the night of the third day on the norh island I woke up in the middle of the night with a burning and itchy scalp. I woke up a few times and itched and rolled back over and fell asleep. This started around midnight. Finally I woke up with “bug bite” looking bumps on both of the inside side of both of my wrists. We figured it was from my anti-nausea bands i had been wearing in the car that day. They apply pressure to a point on your wrist…the same spot where the bumps formed. But logically I thought there were bugs in my bed and I searched my entire bed… Nothing and I felt large firm bumps on the back of my head and back of neck. I washed my hair in The shower and went back to sleep, barely. I woke up in the morning and both of my wrists were swollen and red and I had hives on the inside of my thighs and down my back. As the day went on it spread all down my rib cage, and my eye lids and my ears and began itching terribly and my hands began to swell and turn red. Worse than anythign was the burning around my ears and hands. I went to the store and bought itch cream and generic zyrtec. No improvement.I was up all night itchy and burning and my hands were so swollen and in so much pain I couldn’t touch anything or bend my fingers. I spent the entire next day at the local hospital. They were stumped. I was pumped full of prednisone… No improvment all day. I was given steroid cream and another antihistamine that nocked me out cold for hours and when I woke up… No improvement. I had two doctors trying to figure out what to do. So at the end of the day they gave me Two different major painkillers and a big bottle of kalemine lotion and sent me on my way.This Worked great by I was still covered in hives and swollen… But feeling nothing.It took about 4 days for my hands to return to normal size and the hives got better. It didn’t go away completely until about 4 days after leaving the country. SO i had hives for about 2 weeks and then they went away but any time brushed my nails or itched my self the area would turn swollen and bright red and then dissapear maybe and hour late. This lasted maybe another 10 days.So my family and I tried to figure out what happened. I ate nothing new, no new shampoos lotions suntan lotions moisturizers drinks nothing.The only thing that stood out was that I got into a pool at the bed and breakfast we were staying at around 4pm on the day that my head started itching in the night. I was the only one in my family to get in. Also it would get worse any time i took a shower or washed my hands. Now that im not in New Zealand i have no problems.Is it possible to maybe be allergic to something they put in their water. I have been in pools my whole life in lots of different countries. this was the first time i had been to NZ.