Swollen left ankle stabbing pain when walkimg or sitting

Patient: Went to sleep woke up with swollen left ankle toes are swollen and pain is moving to right side ankle hurts to walk stabbing pain

Symptoms: Swollen ankle toes and stabbing pain

Swollen left ankle stabbing...-1 Swollen left ankle stabbing...-1

Doctor: HelloThank you posting your query on ATD.It is important that we have to determine what is causing you a swelling on ankle.I have seen the pictures.There are many possible causes of swelling foot in your case particularly in the absence of history of trauma.1. Tendonitis2. Osteoarthritis3. Rheumatoid arthritis4. Scleroderma5. Medications6. OsteomyelitisIn Gout, the crystals of urea are deposited in the joint spaces causing pain and swelling. In osteomyelitis, there is an infection of bone itself.In a person your age, tendonitis is very common, but as you know you are on a different medications. It could be one of the reason, you are experiencing pain and swelling.Because swollen ankles are generally a symptom of an underlying problem, it is critical to have a swollen ankle examined by a doctor without unnecessary delay.Your doctor should be able to diagnose your swollen ankle upon examining it, especially if the swelling is significant. Your doctor will more than likely ask you a variety of questions about your personal and family medical histories, daily activities, and lifestyle, and how the problem occurred. He or she may also order x-rays to look for additional problems. The purpose of all this is to determine the cause of the swelling. Once the cause has been determined, the proper diagnosis can be made and treatment can begin.For this, your doctor may advise you to take oral analgesic medication such as Advil, naproxen and Allopurinol for Gout.Wish you a good health!