Swollen lip

Patient: I had lip augemtation (my own body fat) two weeks ago didn’t have any complications until last sunday when i used effaclar duo cream i accidently applied it on a needle/injection hole i ignored it and went to sleep woke up with a swollen upper lip and face was rushed to ER and was given (flebocortid 100mg AMP, ketolac AMP, avil 6AMP) in IV for 4days, & 3 shots of chymotrypsin. is this an allergic reaction or did i get chemical poisoning? what do i do? please help!Thank you

Symptoms: swollen lip and face

Swollen lip-1

Doctor: Yes, you suffered from a severe drug hypersensitivity reaction and not a chemical poisoning. Moreover, the line of treat ment instituted at the ER, was as per standard protocal of managing such conditions and you should continue the therapy as per your doctor’s prescription. Also, it is important to make a mention about the drug reaction in your health card, to avoid recurrence.