Swollen Lips with Sores and Scabbing

Patient: My 17 year old daughter has had various allergies to grass, dogs, some trees and some bushes. About three days ago she had a cold sore like bump in the corner of her mouth. Her lips started swelling and sores started breaking out around her mouth that have started scabbing. The other day she had a sore on her eyelid and was puffy below her eye. This morning she had four rash spots on her spine. Some of the swelling has gone down on her lips and the color is not so red. Any ideas? I don’t have a family doctor right now and I am not sure if I should take her to a specialist.Claratrin, Aquacamphor, Lecithin, Acidopholus, Yogurt, Oatmeal bath, Chlorophyl and Ibuprophen have been used.