Swollen lymph node + allergy from nail scratch from human

Patient: I m 21 years old female…there’s a lymph node swollen in my left armpit,,n i think i m pretty sure its my lymph node as it is huge mass swollen approx 1.5cm in diameter,,,, earlier this week on 23rd may , my friend made a scratch with his nails on my right arm which lead to small or few drops of bleeding,,this scratch lead to allergy( iswollen itchy skin bumps but not paining) on my right hand,,and the allergy sustained there for 7 days,the allergy is gone by now but it still itches a little bit,,, these two are different problems and i want to know if they are related to each other or not?? and what is with my lymph node,, is it fighting an infection??

Symptoms: swollen lymph node, allergy of itchy skin bump but not paining

Doctor: Swollen regional lymph nodes may be seen in the presence of a local infection, injury or malignancy. At your age, the co mmonest cause is infection. However, with the history of an abrasion on the arm (of the same side) it is likely to be the cause in your case. In most such cases the swelling resolves within a week, with the healing up of the injury. In case the swelling persists beyond one week (with or without pain) you should get yourself clinically evaluated for other conditions.