Swollen lymph node on neck

Patient: My doctor seen me ten days ago do to cervical lymphadenopathy he put me on antibiotics now today I went back the lymph node is still swollen and tender when the doctor pushed on it. I have not been sick He now has ordered and ultrasound in a few days wanting some ideas on what exactly he’s looking for? Cancer?

Symptoms: Swollen lymph node, tiredness

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Thank you for your question. An ultrasound of a swollen lymph node is commonly performed in context of your presenting symptoms. In your case, having a painful swelling and being treated with antibiotics may be due to an infection. The ultrasound can assist to determine if this infection is spreading, if there is an accumulation of fluid within the lymph node, obstructing it. Ultrasounds cannot confirm the presence of malignancy, but can determine if there are abnormalities in the lymph node can be due to other causes. A surgical biopsy of the lymph node and testing by a medical pathologist is the only way to confirm cancer.Thank you for consulting AskTheDoctor.com

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Patient: As of today had an ultrasound the lymph node is 1.8cm still don’t have any anawers