Swollen lymph nodes an allergic reaction to Mexican food?

Patient: I finished a meal at a Mexican restaurant where I had ordered something I’ve eaten many times before. I felt like my lymph nodes became swollen in just a moment. I was not having trouble breathing or speaking, but it was uncomfortable. Was this an acute allergic reaction to something? Or could too much sodium have this effect? Or was I fighting an infection with a sudden defense?Should I have been concerned if the swelling didn’t go down in a few hours?

Symptoms: Swollen in neck around throat. Believed to be swollen lymph nodes.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. The acute onset of your swollen lymph nodes and difficulty speaking are likely indicative of an acute allergic reaction. One can develop allergies to foods which they were once fine with at any time. It is imperative that you make your way to your nearest emergency department for evaluation. What is most dangerous is the fact that you are having difficulty speaking which could be symptom that your airways are tightening. Please seek medical attention immediately.Thank you for consulting AskTheDoctor.com