Swollen lymph nodes, lips, and nose

Patient: Hello,I have swollen lymph nodes, swollen lips and nose. I have these conditions for a long time. I am allergic to cats and dust mites . I have 4 cats in my house. Is my swollen face from my allergies? When I’m not in my house, my face is still swollen. When I’m near my cats, I don’t have any severe allergic symptoms such as sneezing. When I am near my cats, I feel the same as when I’m not near my cats. I only discovered I was allergic to cats through an allergy test from an allergist. My face (lymph nodes under chin, lips, and nose) is swollen all the time though at times it is less swollen than others. I also feel very tired most of the time. I have searched online for some answers and found that people with high cortisol levels have these symptoms. I noticed that my symptoms become worse when I have stress. Is this a sign of high cortisol level? Please give me some advice. Thank you very much. I appreciate your advice.

Symptoms: Swollen lymph nodes on neck, swollen nose, swollen lips, fatigue