Swollen, oozy bump on forehead.

Patient: A few months ago, I got a growth on my forehead. I don’t know if it was acne, or abscess or something else. It was located right smack in the center of my forehead.I get the odd pimple but am not particularly acne prone.It started off feeling like acne, but it got bigger and bigger over the course of two days under it was about the size of a quarter and slightly raised (raised by flat, not dome-shaped). It felt like a large lump under the skin. Sore and a bit itchy. At that point I developed sore lymph nodes under my ears. I was already on cipro for a UTI so I didn’t go to the doctor.Over the next few days it got scabby and oozy (small pus pockets). I picked it as little as possible but after a shower the scabs would just kind of slide off and I was left with a large, pitted scar there. No big deal – it’s not as bad as I think it is and I have bangs anyway.I was at the doctor a month or so ago and asked him what it was (I had just the scars left at that point) and he shrugged and said he didn’t know.BUT I seem to be developing another one, about a .25-.5 inch to the left of the scar. It is itchy and sore and feels like a hard, angry pimple. It seems to be following the same course as the first one.It doesn’t seem to be related to my period. I have been off the birth control pill for about 5 months (I am not pregnant). No other medications. I am UTI-prone.HALP.