Swollen tongue , immuology

Patient: Hi, My 15 year old Daughter Drew Mozolewski came to me 9 months ago and said ”Mum my tongue is swollen”.9 months later her tongue is still Huge, we’ve had numerous tests for everything, we’ve seen hundreds of doctors and consultants… Not one knows what is going on! this is the only case been seen in britain, We had a MRI about a month into the problem and it shown one side of her throat is also swollen and one side of her nasal passage. All the MRI shown was that her tongue was enlarged and the tissue is swollen, Her IgE is raised on her bloods, We have seen a immunologist and he suggested this is not a allergy and that we should have a tongue biopsy.. for 6 months the doctors have been debating with each other whether to go through with it or not.. but now, on Thursday we are going ahead with the procedure and having her tongue biopsy’d, Drew has already had surgerys for this which were ruling out other things such as crohns disease, and any other colon problem which could of been related to her swollen tongue, these all came back negative. yet again, all doctors clueless with what is going on. we tried embarrassing bodies as they seem quiet experienced and from seeing them on TV they seem to know what they’re going on about, They never contacted us back. they looked for people that they could think would be able to help my daughter… no one helped.Drews consultant Dr Margabanthu, General Paediatrician at kettering general hospital, She has now taken our notes too American on her holiday too see if she can get intouch with someone who might have seen this case before. we are yet too hear from her, We need help. Drew has not been able to go to school since this occurred, our family is heart broken, I have sleepless nights everyday and im worrying. Ive payed private and I am willing to pay large amounts, I need my daughter better. Please help. ive came here, because I think this could be to do with her immune system, we’ve had tablets , steroids, antihistimines , adrenaline , everything you can think of… we need answers, shes so illI need help

Symptoms: Swollen tongue, fatigue , swollen left side of throat , swollen nasal passage , pale skin , sweaty palms