Swollen Tonsils Safe for Breastfeeding?

Patient: My child is 7 weeks old. My wife has a swollen tonsils (strep throat). Is breastfeeding safe?

Symptoms: swollen tonsils

Doctor: Thank you for your query.Breast feeding to the child need not be stopped if your wife is having strep-throat. Strep th roat means a bacterial infection caused by an microorganism called as streptococcus. When the woman has an infection her body produces antibodies to fight against the infection which is passed on to the baby through milk. So if at all the baby gets exposed to this infection from the mother actually his body already has the antibodies to fight of the infection. Incase the woman who is breast feeding is on an antibiotic for strep throat there is a chance of very small amount of medication getting into the baby’s body through the milk, but generally the benefits of continuing to breast feed almost always outweigh the slight risk, the medication may pose. If the breast feed is stopped then the baby may stop taking breast feed later and then will no longer benefit from the nutrients and antibodies in the breast milk.Hope that answers your query.Have a good day.