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Swollen uvula with sore throat.

Patient: I have a sore throat with a very swollen uvula. The uvula is very red and is swollen to the point of touching my tongue. It is causing consistent gagging sensation and has even caused me to choke/gag a number of times. What do you recommend?


Symptoms: Sore throat, mild cough, mild nasal congestion

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Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comThis is typical acute pharyngitis with uvulitis and inflammation of ton sils. The uvula is inflamed, red and swollen hence causing constant cough and gag reflex due to vagal stimulation. This can be controlled and treated with antibiotics , not just plain amoxycillin but TAB AUGMENTIN (AMOXYCLAV) twice a day for 5-7 days to cover for gram positive staph and strepto infections.You may take antihistaminics like cetrizine to decrease congestion and a NSAID sos for pain relief and controlling fever.Along with the medication , you may consider saline warm water gargles thrice a day along with plain water steam inhalation twice a day to soothe the throat and decrease the swelling. Take warm liquids in diet like soups and if possible avoid solids till the inflammation settles down , else gag reflex would be common.If the relief in symptoms is not achieved in 48 hrs then you may visit a physician for a throat swab culture the isolate the organism and consider any antibiotic resistance or change of antibiotic.I hope i have answered your query in detailWishing you speedy recovery,regards


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