Symptom question regarding anemia or possibly something else

Patient: Hi, My wife has had this weird condition since I can remember, every now and then :Her speech slurs (like drunkish)Her eyes are Glassyshe gets really tired and looks fatiguedHer reasoning capability visibly diminishSleeping appears to snap her out of it, she is 27 and has been diagnosed with anaemia when she was a kid. I was wondering if it could be anything else and what type of specialist should i convince her to see

Symptoms: Her speech slurs (like drunkish)
Her eyes are Glassy
she gets really tired and looks fatigued
Her reasoning capability visibly diminish

Doctor: Thank you for your questionThere is limited information provided but the most important thing to note is that there are frequent changes in level of consciousness.Assuming this is not due to a drug or alcohol problem, possibilities include:thyroid diseasediabetesdiet induced hypoglycemiaseizure disordermigrainesheart arrhythmia’stransient ischemic attacks from distal embolismbrain aneurysm or tumor.As you can see, the possibilities are quite broad and should be investigated to best determine future management.I hope this was helpful