Symptoms After Flu Shot in a 1 Year Old

Patient: My 1 year old had swine flu injections thursday 4th november she has been on and off with her food since but tonight she has been very unsettled a sudden increased thrust and she clamy n sweaty to touchher temp is 37.7 could this be a side effect now coming through or could she have a recurrance of colic if this is possible in 1 year old as shes showed these symtoms when she had colic as a baby

Doctor: I understand your concern about your baby’s condition. In my opinion, according o the symptoms that you describe on her, r, she might have probably experienced a light fever consequence of the Flu vaccine.Body aches, light fever and irritability are very common symptoms found after receiving this vaccine. Increased thirst and sweating are measures in which the body tries to decrease the temperature. Let me reassure you that she might probably recover on her own, I would just suggest you to keep her hydrated and control her fever. If you notice other symptoms such as diarrhea, vomits and fever of more than 38C, you could try physical methods such as lukewarm water baths and take her to the pediatrician. I wish her a prompt recovery.