Symptoms and Confirmation Of Pregnancy

Patient: Hello. Me and my boyfriend recently tried for a baby. My periods are irregular to regular and so I have been charting it with a fertility app for 3months. My last period was on October 19 and lasted 4 days. My boyfriend and I tried for our baby on November 3 which my calendar stated was a fertile day. I been checkin my cervical position and mucus since that day on. I’m almost 100% sure i ovulated on November 7 because of the stretchy egg white mucus. About a week later i began to feel pretty different. Having symptoms as lower back pain, and both left and right pelvic pains but mostly on the right. On November 12 i had gotten this very sharp pain around my uterus and right after had gotten a bright red spot of blood on my panties followed by more pain. On November 13 went to the hospital for the the pains and urine test tested negative. But I figured that might have been too early for test since my body hasn’t created the pregnancy hormone. Everyday after that it seemed my pains were still there and maybe even worse. When I would sit for too long I would get a prickly pain around my navel and my right side on my stomach. My chest would start to hurt as well. At night if I lied on my back it felt as if I had a pressure on my vagina and lower abdomen. About a week ago I had very tender breast with greenish veins. Now it’s been 4 weeks since intercourse and the pains have slowed down, breats became less tender and veins gone. I’ve also been having this craving for tuna fish everyday and I barely even eat tuna but now I just want it. I have gotten what has appeared to be my period on the 23rd of this month and ended completely yesterday. Yesterday after I ate a meal I got up and immediately got a stabbing pain on my lower right side on my stomach. I’m very confused. I never experienced anything like this. And also since the day after intercourse and everyday after when I tracked my cervical position it always stayed in a high position and never dropped even while on my period and now even after it still remain pretty high. Only difference is it ranges from meduim open to closed often and now starting to feel a kinda thick sticky cervical mucus when I check my position. Am I pregnant or did i miscarry or have a chemical. Was this my period or implantation bleeding that just seemed as a period? Why hasent my cervix dropped and is still mildy soft and high. I don’t know what’s happening to my body and need answers. Any clue on what this can be? I’m still feelings the pains not as strong but there still there.

Symptoms: Cramps, severe headaches, lower back aches, left and right pelvic pain. Lower abdominal pain, navel pain, joint pain

Doctor: Calculations of fertile periods from cervical mucus consistency or other clinical signs are only approximate methods at their best and are surely not binding on everybody. There are ovulation Predictor Kits available in the market that do the job better, albeit with some degree of approximation.Your problems are multiple and it is difficult to correlate between them without and interview and physicals. Pain in the abdomen, chest or breasts are not normal. Joint pain even complicates the situation as the severity of the headache does. Your symptoms are diverse and do not point towards any single diagnosis. Please consult a physician and get investigated for the problems. A home pregnancy test may be helpful to you in confirmation or negation of pregnancy, but for a complete personalized solution, a physician visit is clearly warranted. You may need specialist referral if your GP feels.