Symptoms of depression and mania

Patient: Do I have depression ? i cant stop cutting myself , my mum found my initials carved into my arm a few weeks ago and she said she would leave it there if i promised not to do anything like it again ? simple right ? well not really , i cant stop . I also have low self esteem and i feel worthless and suffer from EXTREME mood swings , like one minute im on top of the world and the next i feel like the worlds on my soldiers whats wrong with me ?

Doctor: Your symptoms seem to be ranging from depression to mania. Depression is a condition in which an individuals mood is ext remely low, there is lack of initiative, guilt feelings, decreased interest in things that used to interest you otherwise, decreased/increased sleep, suicidal ideations. Mania on the other hand is the opposite where the individual has an elavated mood and energy, has grandiose thoughts, impulsive behaviour like a sudden shopping spree, decreased sleep, and increased energy levels. You seem to be having something call Bipolar disorder in which an individual alternates between depression and mania. The fact that you have tried to hurt yourself is concering and I would request you to contact your physician in confidentiality as soon as possible. This will help you out tremendously and there is both medication as well as therapy which can be started to help you deal with lifes stressors. The information you give will be entirely confidential and thus you should contact you physician in order to improve your condition.In the mean time if you have any stressors that you think may be leading to such mood swings and behaviours talk to a confidant, someone you can trust and get support from.