Symptoms of Heart and Lung Diseases

Patient: Hi my name is Brianna i’m 17 an di keep getting shocking in my chest and lungs. when i take a deep breaath i get light headed and feel woozy. the shocking mostly happens when i’m laying down or sitting.the dizzeness happenes nomatter what i do so whould i get it checked out or just keep ignoring it?

Doctor: I’m a little confused with the term “shocking”. Did you mean chest tightness? or is chest pain? or difficulty of breathi ng? Nonetheless, you should not ignore this condition since you mentioned that this happens even when you are lying down. Heart conditions usually worsens during activity (walking, running, etc) but when the symptoms appear even when you are not doing anything, then there could be a lung or heart problem. This should not be ignored and you should go see a doctor as soon as possible.