Symptoms of lower abdominal pain and leg cramps in pregnancy?

Patient: I had my last periods on DEC 13th , i have a 28day cycle. we had sex in Jan – 20,21,22 then on 24,26,27,28,29 from past 2 days i have got severe pain between lower abdomen and pelvic region .sometime pain is concentrated on left side I have leg and butt cramps and also pricking pain in my breasts at times and also back pain

Doctor: It is difficult for me to say whether you are pregnant or not based on your symptoms alone. The best way for you to find out is to do a home pregnancy test the day you miss your period. However, I do not think that your symptoms of lower abdominal pain and leg cramps are related to pregnancy. This pain could be due to menstrual cramps or may signify an underlying infection. I would suggest that you see your doctor if the pain gets worse or if you develop a fever.