Symptoms of problem, need opinon Pain in throat by tonsils,n

Patient: Symptoms of problem, need opinon. Pain in throat by tonsils,need to ease bowels while eating,pain in stomach, food sticking in throat,bananas,,weak,tired,throbing sound in right ear, sometimes pain intense,who should I see

Doctor: Hi Madam, thanks for your query.Read and understood that you have multiple as well as varied problems like sore thr oat, pain in tonsils, need to ease bowels while eating, pain in stomach, food sticking in throat, weakness, tiredness, throbbing sound in right ear.You r query asks about which Doctor should you go.You should consult either our PCP so that a proper primary care with antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and supportive treatment will be started, blood and throat swab sample sent and you get a referral if at all necessary.In the meantime take plenty of oral fluids, liquid diet, bed rest for an early recovery.Hope this helps you.