Symtoms of Pregnancy in Newlywed Couple

Patient: Hi Dr I am newly wed lady. My hubby and I are hoping to have a child. My last period (1st day) was on 17th Dec. My cycle is about 30-35 days. We had a unprotected sex on 31st Dec and 2 January morning. He penetrates in me. However, I felt the following last week and this week 1) Breast sore (so painful, I told my hubby not to touch me) 2) tummy uncomfortable (unable to describe the feeling) 3) bloated for a few days 4) dizziness 5) 2 days backs, having a little nausea feeling but no vomitting 6) last 3-4 days have been burping 7) last week, constipated for 2 days. Am I pregnant? Or is just the mind game? My period is gotten to due anytime soon. But did not want to test yet as I am afraid its just another PMS. Scared to be a disappointment again.

Doctor: Early symtoms of pregnancy include: tender swollen breast’s, fatigue, slight bleeding or cramping, nausea with or withou t vomiting, headaches, constipation, increased libido and mood swings.  Some of your symptoms do fit and the best thing to do is wait for your period.  If it does not arrive, I suggest a home pregnancy test. If the test is positive … congratulations. It is negative, please see your doctor as to the cause of your then unexplained symptoms.