Patient: Ave been married for the last 2 years and i have a worry .In my early years i used to get each STD in the and i never seeked medical attention from the Doc’s but i normally went to the local chemist and bought of the counter drugs like megafloxin a…along the route i believe i was not able to cure all of them so until now i know that i dint cure alll ..Every time i go out with a girl with out a condom she comlains and of i take her to the docs telling her am not feeling a thing so am not sick.She is diagnosed and treated but i carrry my ailment back home ””My wife has not coplained about it but am worried now that we are planning to go for our first kid together since she had one when we met…i dont like to go to Doc’s and i was wondering if there is an antibiotic that you can prescribe for me to use with my wife and get rid of this burden that ave been carrying now for more than 20 years