T2, L4-L5 , L5-SI Anatomy Pain 4 yrs later

Patient: I elected for no surgery b/c my attending doctor did not look at my reports, results, nor asked any questions before suggesting surgery . I need help in understanding my Radiology report so I can try to live a semi-normal life. At 26 I was involved in an automobile accident and received an explanation that my back was sprained and it hurts because of my age (no prior pain) . I was told will get better shortly. 4 years later….more pain than ever.Patho results:1. Evidence of facet hypertrophy accompanied by developing collision lesion of the pars interarticularis along with the lower lumbar levels, greater on the right at L4-L5 and, bilateral at L5-S1 with associated discopathy and canal stenosis2. L5-S1 right paracentral disc herniation with attending T2 hyperintensity zone consistent with defect in the underlying annulus fibrosis.IMPRESSION:Adynamlc/static configuration of the spinal axis as a manifestation of loss of the normal lordosis and levoconvex scoliosis.

Symptoms: Debilitating pain, hard to walk, sit, cough, sneeze, bend over, ANYTHING without extreme pain and fear of severe relapse