Tablets usage

Patient: As i am suffering from migraine my doctor gave me tablets to use for 15 days.In the morning i am takingSibelium 10mg and Betacap TR 40And in the night i am taking Tryptomer 25mgBut i am suffering from drowziness,sleepy after taking the morning tablets..Can you please suggest me so that instead of getting sleepy and drowziness in the morning it is better if i get at night as i will sleep at night and work in the morning..Please help

Symptoms: Headaches,Nausea

Doctor: You mentioned that you suffer from migraine and are on medication. Drugs you consume are apt for the condition but timin gs are improper. Sibelium (Flunarizine) is associated with most common side effect of drowsiness. Usually it is prescribed at bed time to avoid drowsiness in the day time, but you are consuming it in morning, which resulted in your complaints. You must change the time of consumption of this drug from morning to night, but consult your physcian first for further followup.