Taken a pill a day before and a day early in same day?

Patient: This is a bit of a long one.just qonderng what to do..im on Levlen ed and I just realised I took my sunday pill saturday(which I thought was my friday pill) ,so I thought id take that and my sunday one (which I didnt realise was my monday one).so basically its sunday and I took my sunday yesterday and took my saturday and monday today.the confusion was because im not taking the 7 placebo days im just skipping over then (my gynos orders). these are the pills after the 7 day placebos in the packet. so im wondering what to do . do I take my Tuesday tomorrow on monday or no? I actually have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow at 9:15am (I usally take my pill at 8am to possibly change pill types) so to get back on track I could ether go get another prescription and take my monday pill again? but leaving me with a possible 4 packets of unused pills if my doc changes my pill type. or waiting till I go to doctor and taking the monday pill of the new packet asap?I know that you are protected if you accidentally double up but ive take my day before and day after ones in 1 day so unsure if I would be comprised or not protection wise. and what sorta side effects I might have if any because of the complete cock up (just read the days wrong cause of the skip).can you help asap.