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Taken Sandoz Regestron on 5th week of pregnancy

Patient: My Last period was May 15 2014Doctor prescribed me Apcod Obis, Folic acid Tab and duphaston(to be taken after 2 weeks for 10 days– 2 tab per day)I didnt get my periods on June 15th – pregnancy test was negativeShe prescribed me sandoz regestrone 5mg (3tab/day for 5 days- took from june 15)Now I got a positive pregnancy testIm really afraid, will it affect my pregnancy???


Doctor: It is established that Regesterone containing the drug Norethisterone should not be used during pregnancy, or even if yo u suspect that you are pregnant. If you happen to become pregnant when using Norethisterone, it is important to inform your doctor immediately and stop taking the drug. If you keep taking Norethisterone during pregnancy, this could interrupt the production of breast milk and change the composition of the milk, which could potentially be harmful to your baby. There are reports of a suggested association between the use of progestational agents including norethindrone and increased risk of malformations including cardiovascular defects, hypospadias, spina bifida and hydrocephalus. Norethindrone may also cause musculinization of the female fetus if used for a prolonged time during pregnancy.Owing to the short duration of exposure to regesterone, you most probably will not be at risk of fetal malformations or adverse effects. However it is still advisable to discuss this with your doctor and plan out the various options you have, should you choose to continue the pregnancy. With careful monitoring, good ultrasound assessments, anomaly scans and tests you should be able to objectively assess if there has been any if at all, adverse effect of the drug.


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