Taking Exluton Contraceptive and Never had Period.

Patient: I was exclusively breastfeeding and pumping breastmilk when I started taking Exluton Contraceptive, so I haven’t had my period when I started taking Exluton due to breastfeeding. But now I stopped breastfeeding for 2 months already and I am on my 3rd pack of Exluton but I still haven’t have my period until now. I’m afraid I may be pregnant, but I haven’t checked. Is that possible? When will I start my regular period? By the way, I gave birth last August 2, 2014.

Symptoms: No Period

Doctor: Hello,EXLUTON is a progesterone only pill and has to be taken continuously daily at the same time .As you were breast feeding you had lactational amenorrhoea as well contributing to amenorrhoea. Now exluton also causes complete amenorrhoea as long as it is continued by causing progesterone excess .So if menses are to be resumed you may consider stopping the pack and swith to low dose combined oc pills for further contraception if you desire menses and contraception both.You are not pregnant as you didn’t ovulate all this time.regards