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Taking Magnesium with Vyvanse

Patient: Is it safe to take a Magnesium supplement with Vyvanse (an ADD medication).



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Doctor: Hi,Welcome to Ask The Doctor.Thanks for asking your health related query.Vyvnase is a drug of stimulant group. It may be used in treating ADD/ADHD. Pharmcokinetics of this drug shows that drug absorption is enhanced and its excretion is delayed by concomitant use of alkalising agents like magnesium containing antacids. So, in these conditions the level of Vyvnase may raise in blood.It is equivalent to increased dose, that may cause more side effects like insomnia, anorexia etc. If you want to avoid these interactions, you may take Vyvnase at morning and magnesium supplement at night after about 12 hours. If you are purposefully planning to add magnesium just to enhance the euphoric effects of the drug, then it may be harmful and not advised.Hope you understand.I wish you a better health.

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Patient: Thank you. To be more specific: I am not interested in any sort of euphoric effects. I am hoping that the magnesium might help me sleep better and reduce anxiety at night. I took 50mg of Vyvanse about 6 hours ago and I was planning to take 250mg of magnesium before I go to bed in about an hour. Is it safe to do so?

Doctor: Hi,
Thanks for follow up query.
It is not advisable to take magnesium salt within 12 hours of Vyvnase use, as half life of Vyvnase is about 12 hours. Magnesium taken within 12 hours may potentiate the effects of Vyvnase. As such common side effect of Vyvnase is insomnia.
It is better to take some other sleep promoting medicine like Clonazepam (Rivotril) 0.5 mg at night occasionally if needed.
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