Taking Plan B Twice and not Getting Period Within 4 weeks

Patient: My boyfriend and I had sex approx. the third week in december of 09, and the condom broke, the next day, we went and got the plan B. I took it immidiatly. About a week later, the condom came off in my vagina, unsure, we got the plan B again. So, I took the plan B twice in about 8 days. My last period started about a day or two after the last time i took the Plan B, and lasted until about the 7th or 8th of january, (my period lasted about a week, a couple days longer than usual, which I thought would be expected.) It is now February 3rd and I still have not gotten my period. I am extemely scared that I may be pregnant. I will be 24 in about three weeks and have already lost a child 2 years ago due to unexplained incidents. I dont do any drugs, but smoke ciggarettes. Lately I have had breast tenderness and migranes, but still no period. please tell me what you think, It would be nice to have a second opinion. I know I need to take a pregnancy test, but like most nervous people in my position, have been trying to put it off. I assume that the plan B would already make me irregular, but all the web sites make it confusing. Thank you! Please reply

Doctor: Thank you for your trust.It appears you have read all the information correctly.  Plan B, even in a single dose can ma ake women with regular cycles have irregularities with their periods.  Most irregularities include having the period early, having a light period or having some spotting between periods.However, when a period does not arrive within 1 month, pregnancy must be ruled out.  At your stage, a home pregnancy test will be as accurate as a blood test performed at the doctors office.