Taking Ritilin for exams

Patient: Hi, I have my exams a week and a half later and I dont know ****t….i read everything once but i keep forgetting…So i started taking Ritalin 2 days ago. The first time I took 1 pill (10 mg) it didnt do ****, I slept like 45mins later…no effect at all….then I woke up and took 2, I did study for about 4 hours. But it worked good the second time (when i took 2) I really felt it kick in. The third time I didnt felt it that much but still worked, so did the 4th time. I have my first law exam on 12 may. Can someone please tell me precisely how to take it and what to do and not to do. I remeber when I took it the 3rd time I was really full and taking ritilin gave me a weird feeling in my stomach. Also it works for almost 4 hours, and I need to study alot more then that.And can i take ritilin and study and then study afterwards when it wears off….Iam taking 4 pills, once when i get up and the other in the evening, if i study in the afternoon (when iam not on ritilin) will I remember the stuff in the exam….please help….you can email me too [email protected] not bother about how its bad and long term effects. I will take it no matter what, s so atleast tell me how to use it properly. Because if I dont pass I will kill my self. no third option available. Thank you