Taking the Dianette pill “back to back”

Patient: I have been taking the Dianette pil for around 4 months now for achne problems.. But, just recently, me and my boyfriend decided we were going to have sex when he gets back from Norway, but, when he is back, i’m due to have a period.. So I decided to carry on taking it without a 7 day break.. Back-to-back.. Is this alright to do? Can we still have safe sex if I carry on taking the Dianette pill without a 7day break? Is there more change of getting pregnant?

Doctor: Dianette is a monophasic birth control pill.  Monophasic birth control pills can be taken back to back if a women desire es to skip or miss her period.If you do not miss any doses, you will continue to be protected from pregnancy.  Some women report episodes of spotting or irregular bleeding when taking pills “back to back.”  If this does happen, continue to take your pill till the package is finished in order to still be protected from pregnancy.