Taking too many birth control pills

Patient: Hi I took all my pills correctly, then in week two, I vomited about an hour after I took my pill. I later had sex I and know that if you vomit u must take another pill within 12 hours, I did this within 12 hrs but instead of taking just one I took 4 extra..crazy I know..I just got a bit freaked out momentarily!!This was over a week ago and I felt a bit nauseous that day but that was it. Ive taken all my other pills correctly and have another week left of pills left. As I technically didn’t miss any, just took too many, does this stop the pill from working?I am on yasminelle.And are there any serious side effects from taking too many pills ? (I wont be doing it again!) Thanks


Doctor: There are so serious side effects from taking too many ocp pills. However it is improtant to stress that this can mess u p the hormonal regulation and the levels of hormones in the body and thus lead to delayed or even early and uncharacteristic menstrual cycle changes. In case you are not sure then always consider post coital contraception ocps like plan b or other methods that are available in the pharmacies.


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Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

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