TB detected in x rays

Patient: I am from Pakistan. I got married 1 month ago. My husband has applied for Australiaan immigration for both of us. We went to immigration office for medical, there in TB x ray they showed some doubts about my X ray and said some signs are appearing. Australia immigration asked me to go for the test of sputum samples.I am afraid now is everything ok?

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood your problem.The X-ray is showing some signs of tuberculosis and A ustralian takes this seriously.Anyways you have to undergo all the tests required and the sputum for AFB meaning acid fast bacilli staining for tuberculosis.Another best option is to do CT scan of the Chest as this too can show tuberculosis. If this is positive, complete the course, get a certificate that you are cured of TB and your problems will be solved.I hope this answer helps you.