Tear jerking abdominal pain

Patient: What can cause abdominal pain that gets worse when sitting standing or drinking?

Symptoms: abdominal pain in middle gets worse when drinking any liquids water soda coffee florescent urine pain when sit or stand right side under rib hurts but had gallbladder out bruising above belly button gained over 13 pounds in 2 weeks but not eating but once a day because loss of appetite. contrast sowed no gastritis or ibs ct scan showed normal lightheadedness loss of energy just had baby 4 months ago

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Given the fact that your gastrointestinal diagnostic testing resulted in unremarkable findi ngs, it is possible that your pain could have another etiology. It could be due to abdominal muscle straining or spasms, or due to an in issue with an internal organ with referred pain to the abdomen. Please seek the consultation of a physician who will perform the appropriate testing to determine the cause of this pain.Thank you for choosing askthedoctor.com