Tedral Asthma Medication and side effects.

Patient: I have been an asthmatic since birth and had been prescribed Tedral(which included Talwin) for 22-23 years. My question is what are and what were the bad effects?

Doctor: Tedral is a medication which consists of Theophyline ( a bronchodilator) ,ephedrine and phenobarbital. It is usually use d in asthma to relieve symptoms of coughing , wheezing, and shortness of breath.The theophyline component of this medication can lead to increased stimulant effect if taken with  caffeine containing foods like coffee,tea etc. Also the phenobarbital component may lead to central nervous system depression if taken along with alcohol etc. The other side effects include: abdominal pain, confusion, bloody vomit , diarrhea, dizziness, palpitations : fast heart beat , trembling etc. These would occur as soon as you had started taking the medication and if you have been taking the medication without any symptoms till date then I would advice you to continue with the same. However if you ar experiencing symptoms please consult your physician.