Teen lemon detox- I need a doctors opinion

Patient: Hi, I’m 14 and want to do a detox, the lemon detox specifically. I don’t see why I can’t just because I’m under 18. I’m not over or under weight either… I want to do it to be healthy and have less acne. What is your opinion?I plan to do a 7 day detox, this requires only drinking a lemon,honey/maple syrup, cheyanne, and water. Of the detoxes I’ve read about teens should not do this, although they didn’t explain why. I’m currently 5’3, 105 lbs (naturally), I don’t do any sports until cross country in April.Health conditions:I had Lyme disease over the summer, but the only paralysis was having bells palsy (half of your face is paralyzed). I was also very weak and did little or no activity for the few months it affected me. I was also on steroids for the paralysis, which made me hungry all the time, and has changed my eating habits.Do you think I’m able to do the 7 day detox?

Symptoms: Acne and sluggishness