Teenager with multiple knee issues wants to play rugby

Patient: Hey,So i have been actively playing contact sports since i was a little boy. Right now i am in grade 12, and have been, according to the doctor, “spraining my mcl”. Its happened about 6 times since grade 9. Every single time but the first time, i did a lot of physiotherapy. I wanna play rugby, again, in the summer time but was a little hesitant to sign up because im afraid of spraining my mcl again. So i got a mri. In that mri it says:”MRI SCAN OF THE RIGHT KNEENote is made of a bipatite patella. There is slight deformity of the lateral femoral condyle with subchondral sclerosis. This may be related to a remote trauma. THere are no acute abnormalities identified. Note is made of a small politeal cyst.IMPRESSIONSmall popliteal cyst. The menisci and ligamenta are intact. Mild cotical ireegularity and subcondral sclerosis in the lateral aspect of the lateral femiral condyle perhaps related to remote trauma with mild bony compression” I dont know what this means. Can you explain it to me? Also, in order for me to play rugby, i would feel a lot better with a knee brace. Which knee brace do you think i should get?

Doctor: In the view of the multiple issues in your knee, meaning several MCL sprains (the most concerning now), Bipartite patell a, subchondral sclerosis (post previous trauma) and a small popliteal cyst(not very significant at the moment), I suggest that you protect your knee reducing loads by postural corrections, activities modification and wearing adequate footgear, regarding of the brace, some doctors consider the bracing useful for reassurance and psychological effect, but the results on the efficacy of knee bracing are very variable; you could use the knee taping also, but the most important at this time for you is prevent new injuries, exercise to strengthen/stretch quads/hamstrings and avoid , by all means, rotational and abrupt movements that may injured ligaments, meniscus or capsule of the knees.